Babucho Newcastle is an old favourite for Restaurant Week, I think it’s often a “first choice” for me when it comes around, as it’s quite easy for picky eaters! Tonight, I was joined by my housemate (again, See Wednesday) and my old University Girls. This therefore included One vegetarian, Two not-very-hungry-vegans, then a very ravenous Lucy and Me. We had spent today in two huge teams, having a very competitive game of Laser Tag, we were in dire need of some good grub.

Babucho has quite a decadent vibe, the white flower centrepieces and velvet furniture were lovely and consistent throughout and we were greeted by a lovely waiter, Jason. Funny story about Jason, really. A couple of years ago during a January restaurant week, I think maybe even the first time my ex-boyfriend met my Mam and sister, we went out to Babucho for dinner. They used to do the most amazing Saltimbocca. I can’t remember exactly what was going on, but I remember Jason being extremely enthusiastic, maybe picking on the boyfriend at the time, and us teasing him that my boyfriend fancied the waiter… It came up on my time hop a few days ago anyway, and I decided to tell Jason tonight. Poor bugger, he replied with “I’m just going to see my psychiatrist!“.




May I also just point out and can we all discuss  how handsome all of the staff are Babucho? Where do you get them all from?!


Babucho Menu

Lucy, Maryam and myself went for the Two courses for £15. Lucy and I had a starter and main, Maryam had a main and dessert. The other two girls had bruschetta for their dinner, they really mustn’t have been hungry.

IMG_3086 IMG_3087 IMG_3090

Lucy had seen somebody on another table have the French Onion Soup and decided she wanted it too, I mean, look at it. It came in a hollow boule and she said the cheese was a surprise. She said it was rather tasty although it came to a dilemma in the end as to whether she should eat the bread bowl and ‘ruin her dinner’. She was sorry to waste it, but made a wise choice.

IMG_3095I had the Arancini Gamberetti which was so incredibly tasty. It didn’t last long compared to Lucy’s bread bowl of soup. She ended up slurping away with everyone watching her (of which, she didn’t know many of the girls there tonight!).

For mains, I chose the spicy Pizza Carnivore (it is Saturday, of course), Lucy had the Chicken Granadina, and Maryam had the Mushroom Risotto. Good, hearty portions. I probably pushed it a little hard and developed what I call “Milk Belly”.

IMG_3096 IMG_3098 IMG_3107

Maryam therefore had another course to get for the restaurant week offer, she chose to get the Chocolate Amaretto Truffles and Fresh Cookies in the hope of sharing them with everybody else. She cut the cookie into four pieces, and we all had a bite of the truffles. The truffles were smooth and rich, however I’m happy with just the ‘taste’ I got, I didn’t have another: “I NEED my own dessert” moment, like I did on Wednesday.

Babucho Cookies



Pictures are bad quality, turns out my camera was on the wrong setting. It then snowed the following day when I was going to re-shoot, then they dug up the road. Blogger Problems? I will more than definitely do an outfit post with this dress again!

Newcastle Restaurant Week


Dress: Diesel, Shoes: Kurt Geiger, Jacket: Stolen from my sister (and will never give back).

26 Side, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JD

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