Jingle Smells and Christmas Pre-scents

A Christmas blog series from me wouldn’t be right without a little bit of science.

Your senses can be exercised like a muscle. The more you practice your sense of smell, the stronger it gets and if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it! There’s nothing better than the scents that remind you of Christmas, just one whiff in a German market, a fresh pine Christmas tree or, for us, Bacon and Buck’s Fizz.

Christmas candles are great, but I’m literally setting my money on fire and I don’t feel like they last too long. Instead, I’ve come up with a little alternative that you can make yourself and put in your room to smell a little bit more Christmassy, or even give to a friend to stink up their stocking (in a nice way!).

A combination of a couple of ingredients can create a new “smell”. Here’s a little post on how to make a ‘Mulled Wine’ Christmas smell out of simple, Christmassy ingredients.


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How to do all of your Christmas Shopping without leaving the house

I’ve just got a bit sassy with a man in a carpark, the space WAS MINE. Chivalry is dead.

CBA with that, I like going out for a mooch but I get stressed when I’m on a mission and people are coming between me and my destination. I turned the car round and came home for a coffee and a pasty. Here’s a list of places where you can do all of your Christmas Shopping.



This site is great, you can really get away with some beautiful, personal and bespoke pieces for not-a-bad-price. I’ve bought two special people their Christmas Gifts from Not on the High Street this year, I’ll show one of them as he’s not old enough to read yet.

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KathyAthy’s Christmas Playlist

The harmonium and beginning verse in Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” brings back memories of decorating the house for Christmas.

Are you hanging up the stockings on the wall?

We had one CD that we pulled out every year, with Slade’s smash hit the first song, it often brought the first festive feelings (IT’S CHRIIISTMAAAAS!) as we pulled the tree from the box. For this reason, it has to come first.

If the player doesn’t load, click here.

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The half-way point: Opinions on starting a Postgraduate Research course in January.

Here’s a little back-story. Today is the 1 year anniversary since I walked across that stage in my pink heels and collected my Bachelor’s “parchment”. I received my BSc (Hons) in July 2014 after studying at Northumbria University for the 3 academic years prior. That’s the thing, academic year*.

Shoes: Karen Millen Dress: Definitions

Shoes: Karen Millen
Dress: Definitions

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