The feedback I got from my December series was amazing. How on earth are people actually interested in what I have to say? I ramble on most of the time! It was time to get a little bit more profesh, earlier than I imagined!


I decided I wanted to make KathyAthy a little more custom. I had an idea in mind and so I did that blogger thing: got in touch with Phil @ pipdig. I’d exhausted the platform already, it wasn’t fun or quirky anymore after “taking the Christmas decs down”. I wanted more freedom to play with the blog myself, as well as being easier for my different readers to navigate. It’s difficult juggling the lifestyle, Sciencey, Photography and Academia stuff because I reckon each category has its own audience, I wanted to therefore show on the homepage all the different categories available. I went for the Tundra theme, I loved the monochrome and simplicity. View Post

Sleep… In Space?

As you may already know, I love analysing parts of my own life, particularly my sleep (See post about my Jawbone). Let me just prove to you how much of a nerd I am about this. I have compared a week of my sleep, recorded in a ‘sleep diary’ in late March (so, over my birthday)…to the sleep of astronauts and cosmonauts in space. Sleep in Space.

*Small disclaimer: I’ve never been to space

This is stemmed mainly from an old assignment that I’ve now got carried away with and I’ve amended it slightly to be a little easier on the eye, this post is proper nerdy, it’s like a full on essay. I dare you to read it, though, as it’s very very interesting, especially how the different environment in space can effect our sleep! If you would like the references from the full paper to read yourself, then just let me know @kathyathy.

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On losing creativity…and getting it back again.

One thing about academia that I always argue is that the first thing to go is your creativity. You’re so bogged down in reading and academic writing that you feel you no longer have the time to really read and appreciate a good book, do some painting, write a poem or dance to your heart’s content. I have been known for falling asleep onto a paper about Prosopagnosia before. View Post

Antony Gormley: Another Place (Crosby Beach, near Liverpool)

See also: In Pictures.

The next post about my old stomping grounds around my hometown during Christmas is about Another Place. I’m sure if you’re following my blog, you’ll have roots to either the North West or NewcastleGateshead, so the name ‘Antony Gormley’ might just ring a bell.

Most years after each Christmas or perhaps on New Year’s Day, we head to Crosby beach for a walk to “blow off the cobwebs”. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Another Place which makes it even more nostalgic. View Post

Dehydrating fruit cheaply using an oval shaped crock pot (precisely)

Stemming from my previous post, “Jingle Smells and Christmas Pre-scents”, here’s how you can dehydrate the oranges yourself without worrying about your electricity bill.

To dehydrate in the oven, you’ll need to have the pieces in there on a low heat (around 80c) for about 3 hours, I can imagine that would use a similar amount of electricity as boiling your kettle for a long period of time.

cut fruit.png

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