Mr Ben Brown.

Mr Ben Brown.

I have been following Ben Brown‘s antics for a while now. If you haven’t already found Ben’s stuff online, he has been posting daily vlogs documenting his life over the past 2 years. He’s based in Southern England but currently spends most of his time in Cape Town, South Africa, one of my dream destinations.

Click to watch Dan tow surfing from Ben's "Pumba". 14th December, 2014.

Click to watch Dan tow surfing from Ben’s “Pumba”. 14th December, 2014.

Ben is my current inspiration for photography, videography and positivity and he is all self-taught. Recently, he’s really excelled himself. Coinciding with the recent twitter storm from Ricky Gervais regarding animal hunting for sport and poaching, Ben was recently invited by Rhino Tears wine* to go along to Kruger National Park, South Africa and see what they do to try and combat the poachers.

It is great that Ben, somebody like us, gets these great opportunities that others may never get and really makes the most of them – for us – to deliver great content, daily. As well as a very moving part where Ben is showing us vets in action saving a Rhino from a bullet wound, Ben’s recent video at Kruger Park includes the most amazing footage of hippos, hyena, lion and even leopard and we can’t forget the fantastic footage of the elephants.

SP: “What’s your favourite animal, dude?

Ben: “Elephants.

SP: “What have we got over there?!

Ben: “Elephants!

Watching Ben’s current vlogs at Kruger are bringing back some amazing memories of my time at the Lion Park, South Africa, which I may delve into more at another time.

Watch the video here, in HD:

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*Rhino Tears wine will donate towards the conservation of Rhinos.

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