KathyAthy’s Christmas Playlist

KathyAthy’s Christmas Playlist

The harmonium and beginning verse in Slade’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” brings back memories of decorating the house for Christmas.

Are you hanging up the stockings on the wall?

We had one CD that we pulled out every year, with Slade’s smash hit the first song, it often brought the first festive feelings (IT’S CHRIIISTMAAAAS!) as we pulled the tree from the box. For this reason, it has to come first.

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For some reason, I feel most festive when I hear the Anti-Christmas songs. Obviously, The Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York” (1987) is ‘the one‘ for me. It is not Christmas until The Pogues are playing, Happy Christmas your arse. The Anti-Christmas songs remind me of the things that I probably am rather Bah Humbug about, and also, being a little bit merry.

The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping” comes in at a close second place, I must be an extremely moody person to appreciate them so much! Christmas Wrapping then also reminds me of “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” by Jona Lewie, definitely the shared moodiness that resonates in them both, and probably also myself! I understand that Jona Lewie’s song isn’t necessarily a Christmas song but it really reminds me of Christmas, perhaps it was on an advert once? I’m not sure.

There doesn’t seem to be any Classic Christmas songs since the 70s-80s, with Slade (1973), Wizzard (1973), Band Aid (1984/1989), Wham! (1984) and Elton John (1974) to name a few. Why would that be? The only decent Christmas songs I can find are Band Aid 20 (2004) and The Darkness (2003), can you think of any others? Please don’t come at me with that Mariah Carey stuff, or worse, East 17.

I like the rock covers, too, there really should be some more. A heavy-metal twist on the Christmas classics is just what I need. There’s a lot of Glam Rock vibes at Christmas, my playlist has TWO songs by Mud. “Tiger Feet isn’t a Christmas song!” I hear you say, well, dear viewer, anything can be a Christmas song through tradition. Imagine 14 members of my family dancing to this song after a few rums, brilliant.


Driving home for Christmas is also a very nostalgic song, I live away from my Mam and Sister and so it tickles my heart when I know it’s nearly time to head home to see them for Christmas. There was also one year when I drove up to the Lake District with some supplies (clothes and make up) for a friend who had recently had a the worst happen to her family home. I was driving back home after spending the day there, the motorway was quiet, it was very cold outside but nice and cosy in my car and this song came up on the radio.

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