It’s really awkward taking photographs: Lessons #3 and #4

Awkward KathyAthy

Previously: Lessons #1 and #2.

I’m a natural cringer. I hate my photo taken, even at parties. I’m quite confident, just awkward. I honestly do not know how bloggers can have their picture taken in busy high streets, I thought I was safe in my secluded little secret location, but no, someone found me.

Here’s a picture of me waving to them:

KathyAthy wave

Lesson #3: Don’t take yourself too seriously, be friendly.

I’m not a model, so I don’t really fancy doing serious poses. I’m a giggly person and I want that to resonate everywhere on the blog. I don’t take myself seriously so you shouldn’t either. I’m not exactly a style icon either, haway! I thought I’d be a little bit different to other bloggers, trying to take little “action shots” of dancing to some tunes, and I mean ‘sing in the shower’ type tunes. It makes it a little bit different and loosens me up a little. Still cringe quite a bit though, hopefully in time, I’ll get used to this intimidating lens in my face. I must Must MUST remember to credit the photographer each time!

I did find my little day shooting outfits with Chloe really fun, though. From scouting locations to learning how to hold myself for a couple of gooduns. I was taking pictures for my #BlogstaurantWeek series, so literally all I needed was a shot of my outfit, nothing too fancy. It was good practice though! I am SO glad we did it this way, my first little blogging shoot, as I’m learning camera settings and all sorts. It turned out that my camera was on the wrong setting the entire time so the photos haven’t come out great (gutted).


It’s not the end of the world, the worst outfit to come out of it was my Saturday outfit, as the light was beginning to go by then. I would have re-shot the following day, but snow. Welcome to Newcastle.

Injuries: 2

Difficulty Level: Piece of Cake

First day shooting was a success!

“Just waiting for a mate.”

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