How to do all of your Christmas Shopping without leaving the house

How to do all of your Christmas Shopping without leaving the house

I’ve just got a bit sassy with a man in a carpark, the space WAS MINE. Chivalry is dead.

CBA with that, I like going out for a mooch but I get stressed when I’m on a mission and people are coming between me and my destination. I turned the car round and came home for a coffee and a pasty. Here’s a list of places where you can do all of your Christmas Shopping.



This site is great, you can really get away with some beautiful, personal and bespoke pieces for not-a-bad-price. I’ve bought two special people their Christmas Gifts from Not on the High Street this year, I’ll show one of them as he’s not old enough to read yet.

I chose this toy train for little Jack (my new best friend) even though he’s only 4 months old, I couldn’t help myself. You pay for the amount of letters (thankfully, he is not named Montgomery) so this little train (front engine, 4 letters and back carriage) came to £13. I’m sure people will be buying things he’ll soon grow out of but this simple little train he can play with when he’s a bigger-little man. It’s compatible with the Brio track (REMEMBER THEM?!) and I’m sure his Mam will find a use for it in his nursery, or on Instagram.


* have a christmas bonus running at the moment for 15% when you spend £75 or more (CLEVERME15)

** Also Quidco compatible, 10% cash back for new customer sales (5% for existing) + 10 gold coins (150 = £15)


Want feed is the bees knees, mentioned on my home page, and not given enough credit for what it’s worth. I believe it’s still in BETA version, but to earn money for wanting stuff? I’ll be a MILLIONAIRE*! You can have a page full of your wants and clicking on the picture will take you directly to the site to buy it from. Then, if a successful purchase is made (say, by Santa), good old Stefan splits his commission with you. Marvellous.

If you’re buying presents this way, you will need to know your recipient’s address to send it directly to them, or hope no-body else will buy them the same thing. They can manually change their ‘want’ to ‘I own this’.


*Slight exaggeration.



Similar to Wantfeed, Amazon have a wish-list feature. As much as I would feel so awkward making one for myself (buy me this, bitch), it’s been so handy having friends with one. I can go to their wishlist using their name or email address, scroll through and buy something within your price range. It’ll then send it to their house (you can nominate a day for Christmas delivery) and send you the receipt. No muss, no fuss.

I’ve also bought some Christmassy bits for a blog post you’ll see next week, I kind of wish I got them in the market with hot drink in hand to support the local businesses but the traffic, man.



Remember to go through Quidco for cash back when you buy online, it’s mint. Quidco have many sites that they work with that will track your purchase and pay you a percentage cash back (including NotontheHighStreet). Sometimes, they do large amounts (eg. if you were buying car insurance) and you can collect coins with a purchase (premium members) for a reward (£5/£15) too, and you can refer your friends for cash**!

Premium Membership is £5 a year that, if you buy online often, you collect quickly and they deduct it from your tracked cash back. I do think it’s worth it. I’ve made over £250 since starting with Quidco (with some still to be confirmed and a few in the claims process). Not bad earnings for doing nowt, like.


*Remember to delete your cookies often and ensure you complete the purchase before coming off the browser, it can be a bit funny sometimes. They do have a cash back claims process if your cash back doesn’t track, and an escalations team if you’re not happy with the claims outcome. I currently have a case going with them for £75 as the cash back didn’t track. I’m not holding my breath that I’m going to get it, but it’s not that they’ve robbed me of it (although it feels like it sometimes).


** The Quidco links are my referral links. After you set up an account through my link and YOU earn YOUR first £5, I will get paid £2.50. This post is not endorsed by Quidco and you do not have to create your account through my referral link if you don’t want to, however it’s the same principle as how Quidco works with its retailers. My link won’t cost you a penny (other than your online shopping addiction of course!), and you can refer your friends too!

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