Antony Gormley: Another Place (Crosby Beach, near Liverpool)

Antony Gormley: Another Place (Crosby Beach, near Liverpool)

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The next post about my old stomping grounds around my hometown during Christmas is about Another Place. I’m sure if you’re following my blog, you’ll have roots to either the North West or NewcastleGateshead, so the name ‘Antony Gormley’ might just ring a bell.

Most years after each Christmas or perhaps on New Year’s Day, we head to Crosby beach for a walk to “blow off the cobwebs”. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Another Place which makes it even more nostalgic.


The installation consists of 100 very similar cast iron sculptures of Gormley’s own body on the beach, all facing towards the sea/horizon. The ‘men’ are spanned across 2 miles of the beach, with them closer together on one end. They also are placed out to sea, progressively buried, so the time of day and tide times will depend on how many of the men you’ll see.


Gormley states that “The idea was to test time and tide, stillness and movement, and somehow engage with the daily life of the beach.” and it’s been KATH3003.JPGvery interesting to return after a couple of years (as little as perhaps 3) to find more barnacles and more corrosion.

I really enjoyed going around sunset this time, as we got there, the tide was pretty much in but as we were walking along, it was heading out again so we could see more men out to sea as the sun was bursting orange. It’s been really good practice for my photography, too!

I can’t even begin to describe the wind there, I really mean it when I say “blowing off the cobwebs” after Christmas, preparing for fresh starts. if you’re off to Crosby Beach to admire the installation, take a scarf, gloves and some ear muffs (you won’t be able to hear anyone anyway).


There really isn’t a ‘best’ time to go and visit Crosby Beach, it’s open all year round and we have a different experience every time, it’s entirely subjective. Apparently the statues have slightly different postures, where Gormley has inflated his lungs to different levels to show different degrees of tension or relaxation. The beach and stance looking out to the horizon can be interpreted in many different ways, perhaps watching the fishing boats or vessels carrying goods across the seas. The area surrounding Another Place is quite industrial, and the Burbo Bank windfarm offshore and Crosby and Liverpool are known through history for their docks and industry which shows Another Place within “high density urban living” but still with exposure to nature.



If you would like to see more pictures of my 2015 visit to Crosby Beach, especially in the Sunset, click here.


Mariners Road, Crosby Beach, Liverpool, Merseyside, L23 6SX

We very much recommend heading for a hot drink or a beer after your walk. We used to head to the Bar & Brasserie at the Leisure centre (which has funny opening times) however this time round, ironically possibly the last in a while, we found a lovely lounge bar at the Royal Hotel for a glass of Prosecco each. It’s a couple of metres away from the leisure centre car park at the Waterloo end of the beach.


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