…Plus the Science of the Chilli.

There’s nothing better than curling up all cosy when it’s cold outside…Except I fidget loads and could never just “cosy up”, but just imagine the scene: you’re back home, you’ve kicked your shoes off and there is absolutely nothing that will get you back out again. What can you have to make you even cosier? Cava? (obviously), chocolate? hot chocolate? even hotter chilli con carne? All of the above? We’re entering the danger zone now though, you want some fire in your belly but you want to control the intense sweats, pain on your tongue and runny nose that you would usually get with spicy. Why can they take the heat so well and I’m left a quivering heap reaching for the yoghurt and milk?! Because that’s SO attractive! You want to maintain your composure…

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Having a little wander around my local village on a little date with my Mam, we popped into Corks Out for a cheeky vino and have a look at their new heated outdoor terrace. Corks Out has been part of the village for years and can be quite deceiving when walking past. It may look like a small, independent wine merchant, however it’s now got a bar, kitchen and heated terrace at the back providing a really chilled (well, heated) atmosphere and there are now six stores across the North West.


Corks Out, Stockton Heath

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