As you may already know, I love analysing parts of my own life, particularly my sleep (See post about┬ámy Jawbone). Let me just prove to you how much of a nerd I am about this. I have compared a week of my sleep, recorded in a ‘sleep diary’ in late March (so, over my birthday)…to the sleep of astronauts and cosmonauts in space. Sleep in Space.

*Small disclaimer: I’ve never been to space

This is stemmed mainly from an old assignment that I’ve now got carried away with and I’ve amended it slightly to be a little easier on the eye, this post is proper nerdy, it’s like a full on essay. I dare you to read it, though, as it’s very very interesting, especially how the different environment in space can effect our sleep! If you would like the references from┬áthe full paper to read yourself, then just let me know @kathyathy.

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Maybe the title would be better with Tech* up your life with what I’m about to write about, however that wouldn’t be nearly as poetic.

Back in my day, we used to ‘knock on’ after school and play curby until the streetlights came on, that’s when we had to go in for dinner!

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