A KILLER White Chocolate Cake

For the recent murder mystery party, my housemate kindly baked me a murder mystery birthday cake. I’ve been craving white chocolate and raspberry combinations since my visit to Bealim House (also with my housemate!) and so those were my specs. We then decided to go one step further and really make the ultimate cake that would be a great focal point for any Murder Mystery party.

Lucy, bless her, was working nights so she made the cake in her spare time. She baked the sponge a few days before and put it in the freezer ready to defrost for decorating in time. I haven’t got any pictures of how she made the sponge, but it was just a normal cake sponge (although she would like to let you know that her sponge will be the softest you ever try). If, like me, you’re not an avid baker, I’m sure a good old google search will help.

Once she woke up after finishing work that morning, she put her creative juices to the test. First, she filled the cake with a white chocolate buttercream and raspberry coulis. The idea being that the cake would ‘bleed’ when it was cut into. She then covered the cake entirely with white chocolate icing.

La pièce de résistance is the not-so-subtle KNIFE chilling in the middle of my cake. We had to fit it with the theme, of course! Check out the raspberry coulis on the top, dripping down the side of the cake. I think Lucy secretly enjoyed doing this more than she was letting on! She made the coulis from scratch using just raspberries, sugar and cornflower to thicken. You can imagine the scene, my delicate housemate dripping fake blood onto a cake with a little teaspoon and me on the side shouting “more!” “MORE!”

I love you like… Chilli (con Carne) and Chocolate

…Plus the Science of the Chilli.

There’s nothing better than curling up all cosy when it’s cold outside…Except I fidget loads and could never just “cosy up”, but just imagine the scene: you’re back home, you’ve kicked your shoes off and there is absolutely nothing that will get you back out again. What can you have to make you even cosier? Cava? (obviously), chocolate? hot chocolate? even hotter chilli con carne? All of the above? We’re entering the danger zone now though, you want some fire in your belly but you want to control the intense sweats, pain on your tongue and runny nose that you would usually get with spicy. Why can they take the heat so well and I’m left a quivering heap reaching for the yoghurt and milk?! Because that’s SO attractive! You want to maintain your composure…

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