#FindingYou: Grecian Spring with DIESEL.

Style Note #2 for my #FindingYou series is a celebration of those promising pockets of sunshine after cold winter days. You never want to be the first person in the year to get your legs out, but that doesn’t phase me. When I wake up, I sit and listen for the sounds outside. It’s easy to tell whether its going to be dreary or one of those fist pump, bright and crisp days from the sounds of the cars driving by, the footsteps on the pavement and how light it is in the room. Spring is coming.

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#FindingYou Style Note: “Feeling Badass” with Nobody’s Child.

The first place I went after restarting my entire wardrobe was Nobody’s Child. I’d never shopped there before but as I am now in a full on identity style crisis and trying to find my personal style, I thought I’d give it a go rather than the usual shops I frequent. I’ve been loving turtle/polo necks on me and long sleeves that go down to my knuckles and I saw a lovely long-sleeved grey dress with just that.

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That Retro trend review: 60s/70s fashion – isn’t it ‘dated’ now?!

So, the 70s trend is nearly over. I feel like it was a bit marmite: you either loved it or hated it. Except for me, who wasn’t bothered.

I’m not usually one to follow trends. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I seem to manage to grab hold of items¬†just¬†before the bandwagon enters the station. Maybe I succumb to the subliminal psychology of the first couple of pieces in shop windows, or maybe I’m just psychic. This isn’t really AW15, I’m not very good at coats. Or layering. Or dressing for the cold. So there. View Post