I’m finally home for Christmas! I was so ready to come back last week, it’s quite difficult trying to work when everyone else in the department are winding down!

One thing that’s tugging on my heart strings is that it’s probably our last Christmas in Warrington. Our house is sold and my family are moving to Kent. I’m not too sad about it (I’m sure I’ll get choked up when it comes) as I’m pretty set up in Newcastle, however, this Christmas, I’m filled with a lot more sentimental nostalgia (than usual).

I think I’ll take you with me to a few of my old stomping grounds around the area of my family home, I’ve lived here all my life! Honestly though, I am excited for this new chapter.

I hope everybody is beginning to chill out. Peace.

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Maybe the title would be better with Tech* up your life with what I’m about to write about, however that wouldn’t be nearly as poetic.

Back in my day, we used to ‘knock on’ after school and play curby until the streetlights came on, that’s when we had to go in for dinner!

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I have been following Ben Brown‘s antics for a while now. If you haven’t already found Ben’s stuff online, he has been posting daily vlogs documenting his life over the past 2 years. He’s based in Southern England but currently spends most of his time in Cape Town, South Africa, one of my dream destinations.

Click to watch Dan tow surfing from Ben's "Pumba". 14th December, 2014.

Click to watch Dan tow surfing from Ben’s “Pumba”. 14th December, 2014.

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