//NEMusic: Way Back When

I've had a radio show, I've had many blogs before, you could say I've had my fingers in many pies. Always wanting to get involved in the goings on of my own community, often, to keep my eyes wide open. One project, in 2013, was //NEMusic. I was in 2nd year at university and sitting in my apartment, bored of listening to the same old pop songs. I'd always been interested in live music and local talent, but for a 19-20 year old 2nd year student living away from home, I was completely in the dark as to what the North East had to offer.

I started //NE Music on a whim one evening, probably procrastinating, with no prior knowledge about the local music scene other than a few mates in bands. Once I had delved into it, I was overwhelmed at the hordes of talent coming through to my mailbox everyday. I was also lucky enough to start //NE Music at a similar time that Helen Armstrong was starting @NorthEastHour. I have a post on it here, however it was such an amazing way to network with other businesses. That's where I found the Digital Youth Enterprise, and I became their first guinea pig. (I don't think they're running any more, either!)

I hosted a successful gig, promoting 3 local bands, and am still in touch with many of them (even if they're no longer in a band anymore) and can call many of them my friends. Truth is, //NE Music didn't fail. The opposite, in fact, I returned back to university after Christmas to enter my second semester of my second year (which is an absolute bitch of a term) and I got so overwhelmed at how quickly it grew. I had to make a decision to hold back a little as I needed to focus on my degree, other people had a lot more time (and money) than me to put behind promoting bands. It never meant that I stepped away from supporting them from a personal standpoint, though!

I didn't want to just promote bands, nor review them (what gives me the right?!), so I was at a loose end. I still am a little bit, I have my long term plan but I'm not quite ready to announce that yet (and won't for a while, it'll be worth it though!). In the meantime, //NE Music has teamed up to create //NE Music & Film. We're returning, but in a much smaller capacity (for now) than last time.

Are you in a band? Introduce yourselves: here

Old School.

The part of the site for //NEMusic isn't quite ready yet, but we're already all over Facebook and Twitter! I would really appreciate if you could give us a like and a follow! Also, as we're seriously reminiscing now, see below for an interview I did almost three years ago, highlighting my big plans for //NE Music (the first time round). NOTE the websites and social media (and the monthly nights) don't exist anymore!


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