#FindingYou: Grecian Spring with DIESEL.

Style Note #2 for my #FindingYou series is a celebration of those promising pockets of sunshine after cold winter days. You never want to be the first person in the year to get your legs out, but that doesn’t phase me. When I wake up, I sit and listen for the sounds outside. It’s easy to tell whether its going to be dreary or one of those fist pump, bright and crisp days from the sounds of the cars driving by, the footsteps on the pavement and how light it is in the room. Spring is coming.

I wasn’t happy with the photos we took of this Diesel dress for my Blogstaurant Week, my camera was on the wrong setting for dusk, the time we took the photos. The dress is worth so much more than that, I did get it a while back, but it’s just such a simple but statement piece, perfect for this time of year (it does show any speck of moisture so maybe not a good idea for the height of summer – if you know what I mean). It still encapsulates the industrial, urban vibes that I like and famous of the Italian brand, but is also feminine with the ‘V’-back and material that clings to the right places. Even the belt has a strong, inspirational phrase “I am who I am”, a phrase acknowledged by lovers of Diesel.

In the last shoot I did for this dress, I paired the dress with my Kurt Geiger Honest heels. This time though, I’ve gone for my Kurt Geiger Gyldas. I think they’re Gylda anyway, the only difference is my heel is completely black and the sole is tan, whereas the Gyldas online have a metallic heel and coloured soul. I actually prefer mine! This choice is great for giving my legs their first outing after being covered up (and not looked after) all winter. If you look closely, you can see the goosebumps all over my pale, blotchy legs! It wasn’t THAT warm, but that’s beside the point. It was “promising” weather, and that’s what I like.

The entire look brings about a modern, “Grecian” feel. I had no intention to make it that way but I guess it’s quite difficult not to pull off that style. Can we also just discuss how hard it is to take pictures facing the sun? Cue struggling-to-see, squinty-face-pose.

Grecian Spring 01 Grecian Spring 02 Grecian Spring 03 jpg

Dress: Diesel (previous season) | Heels: Kurt Geiger | Jacket: Stolen from my sister!

Photos: Chloe Witty

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