Finding You.

I thought I’d start another mini series on the blog as I try to move forward with a healthier mindset after a few months of stress. I decided one day that I wasn’t going to let stress envelop me and I was going to embrace a healthy balance between life and work. I wouldn’t say “return to my former self”, as I’ve learned a lot and grown from my experiences, but I would like to move towards a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle that my twenties should be. Talking about my stress is hard to write about. Instead of delving into something that could be quite dark and personal, Finding You, for the moment, is about rediscovering my sense of style as a “working metaphor”. The process of sorting out my wardrobe can be concurrent with sorting myself out physically and emotionally behind the scenes, which is on a much bigger scale.

The idea of the “working metaphor” for the Finding You blog series was given to me by both Chloe and an old colleague. For example, last year, I found that I could have fallen through my bathroom floor. The only thing that was holding me up from a foot-drop while in the shower was the silicone sealant around three sides of the shower tray. Finding out my bathroom was dangerous and a biohazard in December was the icing on the cake and for the entire year, until my colleague told me to look at it with a different perspective. She told me to use it as a metaphor to describe my year ‘crashing’ and therefore use the process of rebuilding a new bathroom as a metaphor to start again from the concrete floor upwards. Stronger, cleaner and fresher.

I digress slightly, my new bathroom completed a while ago and is now a great place to cleanse my face and install a proper routine to sort my skin out. That was one step. Another step that can be part of the working metaphor was that I wanted to tackle the feeling of losing my style identity. I didn’t really have a personal style, which is okay, but my wardrobe was full of pieces that didn’t fit, made me feel frumpy or even pieces that I am now not brave enough to wear. I’ve probably grown up a lot over the past year and with that, my taste has changed. Similarly to having your head in a cloud of fuzz when you’re stressed and you can’t think straight, something similar happens to me on a smaller scale when I’m not happy with my wardrobe. Clearing out a wardrobe or a room can be cathartic for a clear mind. While I’m working on trying to undo everything going on in my head, straightening it out and doing the same up there, I’ll be writing about my wardrobe as an analogy. That is what this blog series finding you is going to be about.

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After a ruthless sort out, I’ll go through the process of attempting to work with what I have and eBaying like a boss to create space and funds for some new pieces. Then, I’ll explore a few different looks with you! I love the casual-tailored look, but my style depends day-by-day on my mood rather than what’s hot in the shops. I actually have a few posts reflecting different styles lined up already. This post needed to come first but I have really been struggling with writer’s block as I wanted to get my point across about the metaphor well but eloquently. I’ll put the first “finding you: personal style” note up this weekend, if that suits you all!

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