Paradiso reminds me of those amazing non-chain, family run Italian restaurants that are hidden away and you only know about it – if you know about it.

Well, all that, except its a mix of Mediterranean and Italian and run by Giuseppe and Palmiro to be precise. You will probably find Paradiso through word of mouth rather than advertising campaigns splashed everywhere and voted 12 out of over 1000 places to eat in Newcastle, it must be doing something right.

Of course I’ve been there, hasn’t it been there forever? And it’s next to Alvino’s, they even share (kinda) an alfresco outdoor terrace! And it was another print works?! Well aren’t we a cultured bunch, putting to use our fantastic architecture (like, wasn’t The Union Rooms a brothel in it’s time?!).

Paradiso Bar

After what seemed like a disaster when I had 4 people out of our party of 6 cancel on me for tonight within the space of 60 seconds; leaving 2 of us for Paradiso, I put a little advert out on Twitter inviting anybody who may want to join us for the remaining 4 seats (wouldn’t that have been interesting!?). Two of the original party then changed their mind, got better, and wanted to come. Still with me? Honestly, the stress of #BlogstaurantWeek was high today! Also feel so sorry for the restaurant: it’s 6! it’s 2! it’s 4!, really sorry, Paradiso!

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Two of us went for the starter and main, the other two went for a main and a dessert. Charlie and I had starters, I went for the Duck and Orange pâté and Charlie decided on the Fishcake.

Pate Fish Cake

The thing about pâté is the Pâté:Bread ratio. Does anybody else find that too? You run out of bread before you run out of the meat-paste? It was a hefty portion too, and the mango chutney was beautiful and plenty too. Charlie really enjoyed the Fishcake. When I asked for some more bread, she honestly asked whether she would get away with asking for another one!

IMG_3010 IMG_3012 IMG_3013 IMG_3015

Rachel and Charlie each had a pizza, cooked fresh out of Paradiso’s new pizza oven for traditional Italian pizzas; the first, the Prosciutto, and the second, the Boscaiola (no olives). Mark had the Salmon Pasta which I’m sure I had last time and was beautiful, he said he thoroughly enjoyed it (and polished it off in no time). The waiter therefore recommended I have the the Lamb Kofta, honestly something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I’m so glad he did this as I’m so glad I had it. Even the Coriander Bread was a taste sensation. (you have a gene that dictates whether you actually like Coriander/Cilantro, don’t you know)


Charlie didn’t manage to finish her pizza and asked for a box to take the rest home. The waiter told her it would be possible for £2. Looking at him in disbelief, his face as straight as an arrow, she said she’d put it in her handbag as she only wanted to take it home. He said he would ‘sort something out’ and walked away. Confusion around the table for quite a while, and now I’m sure we now have an ongoing joke of “yeah, for £2”. When another waiter came and asked us if we were finished and whether he should clear the table? Well, I was in stitches. We did ask him if he was trolling us or not, turns out he was, and very well. Good work, Sir! I was in stitches for the rest of the night and just everything was funny (it doesn’t take much).

IMG_3023 IMG_3024

As Mark and Rachel were having Mains and Desserts for their 2 courses for £10, Mark had the Mixed Italian Ice Cream, which he stirred together like an absolute savage. Rachel originally wanted the Cheesecake however they said it would be 30 minutes for it so she had the Panna Cotta which she enjoyed (and Charlie and I enjoyed the Shortbread Biscuits on the side!).

After the bill was off by over £20 and around 7 re-calculations and reprints of it, yet I’m still just in fits of giggles, we all left full and happy. A good night was had by all! Charlie got her leftover pizza for tomorrow in a pizza box that she wasn’t charged £2 for! Thanks Paradiso!


Restaurant Week paradiso

ASOS trousers

Top: Sorelle, Trousers: ASOS (similar), Coat: New Look, Shoes: Carvela (old)

I’ve already busted out of these trousers once. Why I think it’s a good idea to wear non-stretchy trousers on Christmas Day and the back-end of restaurant week, I don’t know. But they are the most amazing trousers from Lilee at ASOS, so soft and luxurious. The detail around the pockets and waist is to die for and make you feel that little bit special, I really digg the tailored look. I’m really into my fresh, spring pastel colours at the moment, obviously I’m just wishing away winter! I’ve paired the lilac blouse with a cream coat and my trusty Carvela shoes, the most comfortable heels I have – and they go with absolutely everything.

The top, and the red dress featured on the announcement page, are from an amazing new boutique in my home town, Stockton Heath, opposite piccolino. It’s run by two lovely sisters I used to go to school with. I always pop in whenever I was home and rarely left empty-handed. I’ll miss it very much, if you’re in the area – be sure to pop in! Make sure you find something that you wouldn’t usually wear and try it on – Amy and Olivia will give you their advice!



1 Market Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6QQ

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  1. 22nd January 2016 / 12:48 pm

    Someone told me about Paradiso at the Theatre a few weeks back but I didn’t have a clue where she meant! I’ll have to try it out now, the salmon pasta looks good.

    3 more days, you can do it haha. We’re off to coast to coast for restaurant week tonight 🙂

  2. 22nd January 2016 / 1:28 pm

    Oh man, the salmon pasta is beautiful. My own photos of it are making my tummy rumble! Ooooh enjoy Coast to Coast! Let me know what you had!

    – Katie –

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