The best Newcastle Twitter Accounts you should follow

This post may seem quite daft, but if you think about it, twitter is a great resource that anybody can integrate into their lifestyle. So, without going on unnecessarily, here are some of the best North-East twitter accounts that you should follow:

  1. #NorthEastHour

Here’s a little back story, I used to run a non-for-profit music website named //NE Music. It doesn’t exist anymore (although I can easily pick it up again), as honestly, I got quite overwhelmed by how quickly it grew. I struggled to balance my 2nd year of my Undergraduate degree and hours worth of emails and, mainly, tweets about my little business. I put bands in touch with pubs and bars wanting entertainment, I even hosted my own gig in my old student halls during their new freshers week; featuring a line up of 3 bands!

That is all thanks to Helen @NorthEastHour. I think (correct me if I’m wrong!) Helen was starting out with #NorthEastHour at about the same time I was, so for me, it felt like we were really helping each other out.

So, what is #NorthEastHour? It’s an hour, on twitter, to promote your business, retweet others, but also put people together. So, through, #NorthEastHour, I found a graphic designer from the area to help me brand //NEMusic, somewhere (again, local) to get my PA equipment and also, many people who I’d call friends that I’m still in touch with today.



#NorthEastHour times:

Monday 8pm – 9pm

Tuesday 2pm-3pm




2. Get into Newcastle: @NewcastleNE1 & NewcastleGateshead: @altweet_pet

I’ve grouped these together, unsure whether they are sister companies or not, but they are both amazing twitter accounts for anything to do in Newcastle. These guys are behind the brilliant Newcastle Restaurant Week and you’ll often hear about it first (to book your favourite restaurants) through their twitter. Struggling for something to do? They will always have something on, whether it’s promoting a local business’ offer, ping pong on the high street or even the Quayside Seaside!

Also a shoutout to I love Newcastle (@welovencl) and Toon Advisor (@toonadvisor) which do a similar thing, perhaps a little bit more business, arts and culture (correct me if I’m wrong again!), as they’re online lifestyle magazines, but they’ll retweet many offers, events and things to do!


3. Made in Newcastle: @turnipheadpic

Even though I wasn’t born in Newcastle, nor were my family (although my mam is from Sunderland – shhh); it’s so interesting to see old photos from ‘back in the day’. I love following this account as it shares many old photo “memories” of Newcastle which shows what it used to look like. Below are some smashing ones from their twitter, all image credits go to their owners.


4. NE Traffic News @NECAtraffic

A REALLY handy twitter account to follow, as well as @My_Metro (trains delayed, metro apologise) and @NPRoadPolice. NECAtraffic come online at 7am so is really handy to check before you set off for work. It gives traffic news, bridge closures, car park statuses all in real time to help plan your journey. I use these accounts before setting off for Durham and back to help me decide which way to go, and decide whether I’m going to use the metro or park (was a saviour during Christmas shopping!).

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