Testing Piccolino “all weather” Terrace during Storm Frank: Stockton Heath

What do you do when its chucking it down outside but you really fancy Piccolino poached eggs for brunch?

VSCO Cam-1.jpgPiccolino has been round my local village for years now, there’s one in Newcastle, too (albeit in a Car Park – literally). Piccolino have recently extended where I think they are opening a cocktail bar (which I’m damned that I’m missing) but they also now have a new “all weather” outdoor terrace, similar to the new one at Corks Out.

All Weather Terrace? Alright, bring it on Storm Frank.

I’d been craving the Eggs Benedettine (yes, benedettine) and wanted to fit them in on the terrace before I head back up to Newcastle (tomorrow).

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We were originally advised against going up to the terrace due to the cold ‘and leaks’ by the hostess and she offered to sit us in the restaurant instead. But no, we were prepared, I had my jacket and a woolly poncho-scarf-thing so up we went.

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We were sat nearer the wall than the glass overlooking the village, which was actually jackets-off-warm. Under the heaters, it was nice and cosy, only feeling the draught of Frank’s wind every now and again (still talking about the storm). It must have been cooler when standing up, as the waiter had a puffer jacket on, unless I’m just used to the Arctic Circle that is Newcastle.

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Our Ellie always orders the Nutella pancakes, she is dependent on Nutella and needs it in order to function. She was originally quite disappointed by how little Nutella she had on her pancakes compared to what they usually do (but she has it by the bucket-load anyway). Perhaps it’s down to rationing Nutella now due to the poor hazelnut harvest, it’ll be Prosecco next…wait.

I thought it was a fair amount myself and after she had eaten the pancakes, she was happy and didn’t feel like she could manage anymore.

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The Eggs Benedettine, what I was craving for so, so long: Poached eggs with Italian roast ham on a ‘toasted’ muffin and covered in ‘smooth’ Hollandaise sauce. Note the inverted commas, as I’m being a little sarcastic. Unfortunately the sauce came curdled and we sent it back, again, not the usual standard!

Honestly though, after they gave us curdled hollandaise and gave my sister’s pancakes to another table for her to painstakingly watch them destroy, they did make it right the second time.

A new batch of pancakes arrived for my sister to wolf down before she started work, then a fresh plate of Eggs Benedettine came for my Mam and me to enjoy leisurely, which is all I really wanted from brunch today before I go back to NCL. Albeit on burnt muffins, but I was there for the sentiment knowing they usually get it top notch.

As much as I jest, it really is a nice place to go for brunch and yes – in all weather it seems. We’ve been before in the sunshine in our sunnies where they’ve had the roof off. I can imagine the Terrace is perfect for birthday brunches (and you’ll get double points on your loyalty card!).


6 Victoria Square, London Road, Stockton Heath WA4 6SG

*And that concludes my mini blog series about my old stomping grounds around my hometown as I’m back up to The Toon tomorrow.

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  1. 31st December 2015 / 12:25 am

    Those eggs look so nice. I love eating in quirky places like this!

    Corinne x

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