Chetwode Arms: Lower Whitley, Cheshire

The Chetwode Arms (pronounced ‘Chet-wood’) has been a great little pub I like to frequent at Christmastime for years. Chetwode Arms are renowned for their fine meats served on a lava hot rock you can cook to your preference in front of you. With it’s cosy little rooms all dressed up with lights and garlands for Christmas, you can eat your meal next to one of their many open fires.

Chetwode xmas

I was quite surprised to see that they’ve had a bit of a revamp and have gone for the ‘Out of Africa’ theme, really pushing their exotic meats on the hot rock (Blesbok, Crocodile, Water Buffalo, Impala…). The place wasn’t as Christmassy as expected, but I still liked the decor nonetheless. I’m ‘game’ for anything Africa.


Me n’ Our Ellie.

I can’t recommend the starters highly enough, I crave the duck pâté and their cheesy garlic bread so often that I dream about it. My sister and I tend to get one each and share – because that’s what sisters do.

Ellie will always get fillet steak on the hot rock, my Dad tends to go for the more exotic meats (last Christmas Eve, he got Reindeer!) and I like to change it up a little each time (so long as the starters never change). Dad ordered the “Forest Gump”, meaning the Wild Boar and the Beef fillet steak (with ‘monkey gland sauce (?) on top) and I went for the South African Fish Pan special.

The South African Fish Pan was amazing: King Klip, Kabeljau and 2 prawns with ½ rice ½ chips in a lemon butter sauce. All was beautiful, when I got to the bottom of the pan and eating the rice in the butter sauce, it tasted so sweet it was like Advent Calendar. It blew my mind and I’m unsure whether I liked it or not once I got that idea!

When leaving, stuffed full, we were waved off by Tequila, the three-legged dog. Named Tequila as after too many, you get legless!

Chetwode Arms, Street lane, Lower Whitley, Cheshire



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