Battle of the Christmas Advent Calendars

Even at the age of 22, living alone and doing a Master’s, my parents still go and get me an advent calendar. My Mam always goes for the fail-safe Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, always a winner. My Dad tends to aim for extravagant, european chocolates, for him, the bigger the box, the better. I’ll be dead upset when the year comes when my Mam says I’m too old for my advent calendar.

This post is about my non-edible, “beauty” advent calendar. It’s out of stock now, and its already well into December. I have linked as much as I can, but maybe it’ll provide inspiration for Christmas 2016 (yes, I said it). I’ve lusted after many of the beauty advent calendars before, the Ciaté 2015 mini mani month, £49, Charlotte Tilbury’s book of make-up magic, £150 or the Diptyque Advent Calendar, £250. Madness. Who has that much to spend on an advent calendar? That’s before presents!

This year, as well as the Dairy Milk and the Lindt, there was also another contender.


My friend, Chloe came round for a brew one day in November and the next thing I knew, I was in Marks and Spencer. She was going to collect her advent calendar she ordered online and told me I should get one. It was £25 if you spent £25 in store, so it didn’t really take a lot of arm-twisting. I really think that it’s a good price compared to the others (above), AND you can spend the £25 on somebody else for Christmas so it doesn’t feel too over-indulgent (which I did, so I’m not going to write what I bought!).


Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar, Sold Out for 2015.

I’m currently on day 5, I’ve opened brands such as Leighton Denny, Philip Kingsley, Burt’s Bees and Cowshed. I did read the back contents briefly to my Mam who was intrigued, but I’ve chosen to forget them so it can be a little surprise every day (I’m good at forgetting, so it wasn’t that difficult).


All in all, I’m really impressed. It’s not a bad price, you get a lot for the £25 (worth over £250), and you can spend £25 on somebody else for Christmas too! Perhaps I will reinvest in something similar again next year.


On a side-note, how do you leave your advent calendars? Are you completely OCD and close the doors again after you’ve had your chocolate? (I argue that it makes the search just as hard each day) Do you leave the doors open, like my housemate? Or do you rip the doors off like a true savage?!

What advent calendar do you have this year?

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