Katie is currently in the last leg of her Masters by Research in Psychology. She lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, I’m sure she’ll show you around. “KathyAthy” is an old nickname; an amalgamation of “Katherine” and “Atherton”, first coined by her beloved Grandad, a poet. It was then used in school and even as an (ew) pet name. Other names are “Kitty”, “Miss Kate”, “Katie Potatie” and “Potatie Lady”… but “Katie” is just fine.

See more About Me and how to get in touch: here.

Here, you'll find a load of posts about what I've been up to, what I want to do and how I did stuff. I guess. I mean, how do you introduce "Lifestyle" posts though, really?

Life is so much more colourful when you can see in multiple perspectives. I get a lot of inspiration from my non-blogger friends and often give them a platform to share their ideas here. Photo Shirlaine Forrest.

From going out to eat to stopping in, view all of my foodie-based posts right here. Including many easy recipes, plus places to eat in Newcastle - like Newcastle Restaurant Week!

Including the #FindingYou series, a new cathartic way of thinking to clear out your wardrobe and dress to suit your own personal style and attitudes, rather than what is hot in the shops.

Literally 'dive in' to #KatiesTakiBar and enjoy the interesting concoctions I come up with after experimenting around with my hobby in mixology...

From the science of the chilli to your senses at Christmas, I try to put a science-y twist on everything. Tangents about psychology, and you'll also find my experience about my post-grad academic life.

Everything you need to know for visiting or living in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, my honest and unbiased opinion: the best place to live. See all about my #BlogstaurantWeek too!

//NE Music will be RETURNING SOON.

Sharing what I've learned teaching myself all about blogging. From SEO and social media, to tips and tricks. Because you shouldn't compare your beginning to everybody else's middle.

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